Duct Tape Bracelet DIY

Here’s a fun Duct Tape Bracelet DIY project for those times when you’re feeling the need to get crafty. It doesn’t take a lot of set-up or materials and you probably already have all the stuff to make it.

Duct Tape Bracelet - scratchandstitch.com


  • duct tape
  • buttons
  • thread
  • studs
  • metal brads

Duct Tape Bracelet DIY materials by scratchandstitch.com


  • scissors
  • Exact-o knife or box cutter
  • needle
  • bone folder
  • ruler
  • pen
  • paper

Duct Tape Bracelet DIY tools by scratchandstitch.com


Cut two pieces of duct tape long enough to fit around your wrist plus a little extra to work with (8″-9″).

Stick the two pieces, sticky-side together.

With a ruler, mark 1/2″ in on both sides on either end. With a bone folder (or an upside-down Exacto knife), make a crease lengthwise down the duct tape. This will create the face of your bracelet. For a thinner bracelet (like the one here with the metal brads or metal studs), make two creases to fold under or cut your duct tape to a thinner width.

Duct Tape Bracelet DIY folds by scratchandstitch.com

Sew a button on to one end of the bracelet.

Duct Tape Bracelet with Buttons by scratchandstitch.com

Create a pattern on a piece of paper cut the same width as your bracelet, mark the face of the bracelet and a pattern of where your studs, thread, or metal brads will go. This ensures an even end result. Hold your pattern over the duct tape bracelet and with an Exact-o knife, create holes for the studs, brads, or thread.

Studded Duct Tape Cuff Bracelet by scratchandstitch.com

Chevron Duct Tape Bracelet DIY by scratchandstitch.com

Once your notions are attached or sewn, fold in the sides and cover it with another piece of tape that is slightly less wide.

On the other end, cut a button hole and cover with a few more pieces of tape. Fold over and cover the ends with more tape.

Duct Tape Button Holes

Other ideas:

  • Use multiple colors of duct tape to create stripes or other patterns
  • Stitch embroidery thread into bracelet
  • Add beads, wire, or gems
  • Use snaps instead of buttons

Duct Tape Bracelet DIY

Duct Tape Bracelets by scratchandstitch.com

What do you make with duct tape?

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Natural Twig Wreath DIY

Here’s a fun craft project using twigs from our backyard. This natural twig wreath is made using fallen sticks, wire, and leather and can easily be added to for different seasons or holidays.

Natural Twig Wreath by scratchandstitch.com


  • wire ring (I think the ring I used came from a hub-cap)
  • twigs in assorted sizes
  • copper floral wire
  • gold beading wire
  • leather cord
  • hot glue

How I made it

I tried planning and my initial plan didn’t work at all. To accomplish this wreath I genuinely had to let the sticks fall where they may. It kind of just all came together by laying out the bigger sticks and gluing them together where they touched. I then added smaller sticks and weaved them together where they naturally fit. Next I wrapped the leather cord around in several places and then added more sticks to fill in the blank spots. The copper wire added more strength where the leather didn’t. For an extra decorative element I added the gold wire to contrast the leather and copper. Leather cord is used to hang the wreath.

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